Baiona Tesoro Di Mauro - "Kelly"

born 14.03.2012

 Height  29 cm., Weight 5 kg.

all teeth

* TAN: 9,5 / 10 (Francia)

VetGen Colourtest: B/B , not carry the brown gene 
(The dog is a non-carrier of the genetic mutation 
that is responsible for the brown coat color. 
The dog can not pass this mutation on to its offspring.) 

Cardiovascular examination: Aortic stenosis- free/0, Pulmonary stenosis-free/0, 
none signs of valvular disease 

* prcd PRA (optiGen, Laboklin) - N/N ("A")

* PRA rcd4 (Laboklin) -N/N ("A)

* DM (Laboklin) -N/N ("A")

* Pat Lux: free -0/0 (23.03.2013), free -0/0 (2014)

*  Eye examination - free - has not a hereditary disease

* Gentest vWD Typ1 (Willebrand) Laboklin- N/N

* Calve-perthes (la necrosi asettica della testa del femore) - free




 Riproduttrice selezionata (ENCI)


 excellente breed female, proud mother of beautiful and healthy puppies of toy and dwarf poodles