Casablanca Tesoro Di Mauro - "Lizy"


Champion in Romania, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Germany (VDH), Slovakia, CZ 

Grand Montenegro Champion

Balkan Champion, Adriatic Champion, Mediterranean Champion

Cruft Qualification 2016


Junior Champion in Bulgaria, Romania

Balkan Junior Winner 2015







Height - 30 cm.,  Weight - 5 kg.

all teeth

prcd PRA (Laboklin) "A" (N/N)

DM - "A" (N/N) 

Eye examination -free - has not a hereditary disease

Pat.Lux. - 0/0

VetGen Colourtest: B/B , not carry the brown gene
(The dog is a non-carrier of the genetic mutation
that is responsible for the brown coat color.
The dog can not pass this mutation on to its offspring.)

Cardiovascular examination: Aortic stenosis- free/0, Pulmonary stenosis-free/0,
none signs of valvular disease